The R-Index blog was created by Ulrich Schimmack on December 1, 2014.

The purpose of the R-Index blog is to increase the replicability of published research findings.

The content of this blog is limited to posts related to the R-Index and developments on the r-index.org website (www.r-index.org).

What is the R-Index? The R-Index is a statistical tool which can be used by anyone to examine the replicability of empirical studies.

In the future, the R-Index.org website will be open to other researchers who want to publish results of a replicability analysis. A manual and a spreadsheet for calculations of the R-Index is available on the r-index.org website.

The vision of r-index.org and this blog is to create a forum where researchers exchange information about replicability of published work to avoid costly, predictable replication failures and waste of valuable resources.

The reason for posting R-Indices of individual researchers is that the current system rewards quantity over quality. The R-Index of a researcher reveals whether a CV is based on solid empirical research that makes a real contribution to science.

For further information about the R-Index, please visit R-Index.org.

email: replicabilityindex@gmail.com

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